The ship and the sea

The CEO is the captain of her ship. She is going to face many challenges, some of them from the sea, and some of them from the ship. In assessing her role in a business, the CEO should be aware that some of the challenges her firm faces are a result of internal challenges – […]

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What language should I learn?

This post from modulecounts should help you decide. —– Module Counts Sep Nov Jan Mar May 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 CPAN Maven Central (Java) npm (node.js) nuget (.NET) Packagist (PHP) PyPI Include Clojars (Clojure) CPAN CPAN (search) CRAN (R) (Rust) Drupal (php) DUB (dlang) Gopm (go) Hackage (Haskell) (Elixir/Erlang) Julia LuaRocks […]

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spent some time on javascript through codecademy, but quickly got bored and started playing around with the material components web git. Working through the read me and getting started to see if I can implement a material design page. Made the “hello world” page Made the simple form example. Completed the “getting started” Can I […]

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Day 5

Completed Git module on Codecademy Pulled down material design components git, and started reading documentation Found Google Code Labs Installed Node.js Started reading documentation on Downloaded and installed live Server to help hack through code and check progress for front end jazz  

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